12: Sexual Ethics in the Wild

Our shortest episode yet, you can hear Jess and Devi talk about two podcast episodes they’ve recently listened to that helped them think through sexual ethics.

Devi recommends Melanated Faith by FaitthB and Kathryn Freeman, specifically Episode 3 Singleness and Purity Culture. But they’ve got a different angle on it as single, Christian African-American women in the church. It’s an insightful (and fun) conversation.

Jess recommends Armchair Expert with Bret Weinstein, an American biologist and evolutionary theorist. They talk about the differences between the way men and women experience sex, and there are some fascinating conclusions.

Show Notes for Episode 12

Episode 3: Singleness and Purity Culture on Melanated Faith Podcast

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Episode 73 Expert on Expert: Bret Weinstein on Armchair Expert Podcast with Dax Sheppard