20: Don’t Use Faith to Bypass Your Body

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We promised to bring you new tools for the toolkit of your life, and this episode? It’s HUGE. Remember how we grew up with the narrative that every time we blew up at someone, the times we felt frustrated in traffic, when we withdrew into ourselves, that all of that was bad because somehow sin was eating us up inside?

Listen to hear how our body is leading us to truth, to God. Listen to remind yourself again that your body gives you cues, and those cues are good, an essential way of learning what you need to do, a way of acquiring wisdom. Listen to remember that God made your body, and it was never supposed to be bypassed by spirituality. Our body is one tool that helps us back to God, and we need our body to understand our sexual selves.

Our guide today is Aundi Kolber, a licensed professional counselor (MA, LPC), an author, and a speaker living in Castle Rock, Colorado. She has received additional training in her specialization of trauma- and body-centered therapies and is passionate about the integration of faith and psychology. She has written for Relevant, CT Women, and (in)courage. As a survivor of trauma, Aundi brings hard-won knowledge about the work of change, the power of redemption, and the beauty of experiencing God with us in our pain. Her first book Try Softer: A Fresh Approach to Move Us Out of Anxiety, Stress, and Survival Mode–and into a Life of Connection and Joy.

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If this episode brings up traumatic memories, we encourage you to seek the care of a qualified trauma-informed therapist. You can hear more about the topic on 10: Purity Culture & Trauma and 11: Healing after Trauma.

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