5: Does God owe you hot sex?


You know that sermon, the one where we were all promised that if we saved sex for marriage not only would we get a (great! godly!) spouse, but also a hot sex life. But what are the consequences of the belief that says, “If I do this then God will give me _____?”

Jess and Devi talk about the impact of believing the Sexual Prosperity Gospel, as writer Katelyn Beaty calls it. What does entitlement do to a relationship? Do we only get what we deserve? Is there a way to hold our lives and our choices with the open hand of gratitude?

We mention the following articles and books in today’s episode:

The Courtship Prosperity Gospel
 (blog post) by Thomas Umstattdt
Courtship in Crisis  book by Thomas Umstattdt
Joshua Harris and the sexual prosperity gospel by Katelyn Beaty

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