98: News and Views: Hillsong, Bridgerton, and More

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What happens when Hillsong – one of the largest megachurches in the world – loses its founding and lead pastor? Does Bridgerton season 2 have something to teach us about love? You get to listen in to an episode that’s usually exclusive to partners. Jess and Devi discuss purity culture news, and talk about what’s streaming online that is worth watching.   

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Show Notes:

Childcare and aged care: the two sectors combine in Melbourne in November 2022 (
Inventing Anna
The Dropout
I Followed the Lives of 3290 Teenagers. This is What I Learned About Religion And Education (NY Times)
Anthony B. Bradley, PhD
How I Met Your Father
Hillsong Church Founder Resigns After Internal Misconduct Investigation (ABC News)
Hillsong Creates A ‘Healthier Structure’ of Church Leadership (Eternity News)
Hillsong, Once a Leader of Christian Cool, Loses Footing In America (NY Times)
Bridgerton S2 
Hillsong and Hyperpriests by Michael Bird
Hillsong found Brian Houston says megachurch ‘losing its soul’ after it makes his wife redundant (The Guardian)
Leaked Hillsong NYC report says sexual abuse, misconduct went beyond Carl Lentz (RNS)