(89) On Premarital Sex: Sin or Not A Sin?

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We wrap up our series On Premarital Sex by talking to Professor David Ayers who has studied the sex lives of young evangelicals for the past 30 years. We also share the results of our survey and YOUR responses. What comes next for evangelicals when it comes to sexuality and sex education? We have all the thoughts. 

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Show Notes:

After the Revolution: Sex and the Single Evangelical
On Premarital Sex: What Are the Rules When There Are No Rules?
On Premarital Sex: Re-imagining Celibacy
On Premarital Sex: Abstinence After True Love Waits

David Ayers is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Economics and Sociology at Grove City College, where he has also served previously as Dean of the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters, and as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. He is author of two textbooks, most recently of Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction (Lexham, 2019). His book After the Revolution: Sex and the Single Evangelical will be released in Spring, 2022 by Lexham Press. He holds his Ph.D. in Sociology from New York University.