88: Chasing Glory in the Song of Songs

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What if there was more to being men and women than cultural roles and expectations? Aimee Byrd joins us with an invitation to study the Song of Songs as something beautiful, glorious, and re-invigorating for our imaginations. 

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Show Notes:

Aimee Byrd
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Aimee Byrd lives in her hometown in Frederick, MD with her husband, Matt, with one teen, one young adult with her foot out the door, and one in grad. school. A former coffee cafe owner, Aimee now uses many of her conversational barista skills in writing and speaking. She is the author of Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and the upcoming book The Sexual Reformation: Restoring the Dignity and Personhood of Man and Woman. Visit Aimee’s blog here and connect with her on Twitter @aimeebyrdhwt.