(85) On Premarital Sex: Abstinence After True Love Waits

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No chewed up gum metaphors allowed in this episode about abstinence. You’ll hear the thoughts and lived experience of a single woman in her 30s who chooses abstinence now. What makes this abstinence different from the True Love Waits pledges of the teen years? How is it lived out when it comes to app dating in 2021? Kathryn Freeman has all the insights for us in this fantastic episode. 

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Show Notes:

(81) On Premarital Sex: What Are The Rules When There Are No Rules?
(82) On Premarital Sex: Re-imagining Celibacy
Melanated Faith

Kathryn Freeman

Kathryn Freeman is a leader, writer, and speaker at the intersection of faith, justice, and culture.Kathryn has a degree in English from Texas A&M University, a law degree from the University of Texas, and a Masters of Divinity from Baylor University’s Truett Seminary.  Kathryn is one half of the podcast, Melanated Faith, a conversation about race, faith, and culture from the perspective of two Black Christian women. She has written for Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, The Baptist Standard, The Houston Chronicle, Think Christian, and Austin Woman Magazine. Connect with Kathryn on Instagram and Twitter.