80: Masculinity Needs Definitions

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Did you hear our new intro? Yes, we are here to untangle sex, self, and community for a new generation of Christians. Leave behind purity culture, and save what matters. Together, let’s rebuild life and faith with Jesus at the center, so you can figure out where will you go from here?

We untangle together today with Brendan Kwiatkowski as our guide. If the versions of masculinity presented by the church and secular culture were restrictive, what comes next? How do we cast a better vision for masculinity? Brendan’s researching this topic for his PhD, and his ideas are worth our consideration.

Plus Dr. Celeste Holbrook joins us for another Ask Dr. Celeste segment – all your sex ed questions answered! 

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Show Notes:
Brendan Kwiatkowksi (Instagram)
Justin Baldoni
Man Enough
The Things We Do To Women
Hannah Anderson

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Brendan Kwiatkowski remasculate

Brendan Kwiatkowski is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh researching the relationship between adolescent males’ levels of emotional restriction and their experiences and beliefs around masculinity. He was a highschool teacher from British Columbia Canada and due to covid is currently there with his spouse, three kids, and a dog. While he believes theory is important, he has little interest in research/academia that is so far removed from praxis. Follow Brendan

Dr. Celeste Holbrook is a sexologist and speaker who helps her clients evolve into the women they were created to be, in and outside of the bedroom. She speaks on a variety of topics from sex drive and sexual shame to painful intercourse, purity culture and more. Connect with Dr. Celeste on Instagram