66: Relationships and Attachment Triggers with Krispin Mayfield

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If you identified your attachment style last week, this week we start to find ways to heal, grow, and move forward. Therapist Krispin Mayfield gives us simple tools to begin the process of healing. Continue your re-education with us this week as we discover why attachment matters in all our relationships. 

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Show Notes
The Prophetic Imagination Station Podcast
Attached to the Invisible Podcast
Becky Castle Miller
Running on Empty by Dr. Jonice Webb
Growing Connected (resources for parents)
The 6 Needs of Every Child by Amy Olrick and Jeffrey Olrick, PhD
Sue Johnson

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Krispin Mayfield Emotionally Focused Therapist

Krispin Mayfield a therapist trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, working with individuals and couples in Portland, OR. He explores the intersection of spirituality and attachment science on his podcast Attached to the Invisible and has a forthcoming book from Zondervan in 2022. Connect with Krispin on Instagram and Twitter.