63: What To Do When #MeToo Is In The News?

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Trigger Warning: rape and sexual assault

What do you do when the news is triggering? Australia’s been reeling with its own #MeToo moment, and as headline after headline broadcasted the names of abusers and politicians, we wanted to centre you, the survivors. Psychologist Naomi Palmer joins us to give us tips for those of you processing triggers as well as how to support the ones you love who are dealing with the news in a more personal way. This episode also starts off with a discussion about app dating, and how to gain confidence in dating after purity culture (Jess has five practical tips).

Show Notes
A new power has risen in Australian politics — and it’s not coming quietly by Annabel Crabb for ABC

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Naomi Palmer is a social worker, couple and family therapist, grief Counsellor who currently works for a large psychological services organisation and also works part time in private practice in Melbourne, Australia.