56: What Breaks Us And Why Sharing Helps With Laura Tremaine

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Laura Tremaine is a storyteller and she joins us for a candid conversation about her life in a white evangelical subculture, how she moved out of it in Hollywood, and how she navigated her relationships and sexuality. Laura’s superpower is sharing her stuff and encouraging us to do the same. She models that for us today by telling us the stories at pivotal points of her faith, relationships, and sexuality.

We talk about:

  • how her parents trust empowered her
  • what sex revealed to her about what she believed about God
  • why sharing our stuff matters

There’s also a break in the middle to hear from Morgan, one of our Ladies Night Book Club members, and she tells us why she joined the book club and why you should too.

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Show Notes:

10 Things To Tell You by Laura Tremaine
Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First by Laura Tremaine
Redeeming Sex by Deb Hirsch
Laura Tremaine

Laura Tremaine is a writer and podcaster. On her weekly podcast 10 Things To Tell You, she encourages listeners to take the episode prompts to a friend or to their journal, because meaningful connections come from good conversations. Her first book Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First released in February 2021. Laura lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jeff, and their two children. Connect with Laura on Instagram @laura.tremaine and with her podcast on Instagram at  @10ThingsToTellYou.