55: Galentines and the Celebration of Friendship in a Romance World

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February the month of love! Why is it though that both the broader culture and church culture tries to funnel us toward romantic love as the only expression of love there is? We want to celebrate Galentines today (and may we suggest, Guy-entines?!), and celebrate the reasons why our friendships are worth the investment. We explore why it might be tricky in our highly online, disconnected world, and we examine how to maintain friendships while dating or after marriage. 

We also open up the mailbag and have another segment with Dr. Celeste Holbrook answering a sex question at the end. 

Show Notes:

Galentine’s Day: How a Beloved Fiction Became a Beloved Tradition by Megan Garber for The Atlantic
26: Re-imagining Single Life with Katelyn Beaty
Dr. Celeste Hobrook (Instagram)
53: What Makes Sex Good with Dr. Celeste Holbrook

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