48: When You’re Alone For The Holidays

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Christmas is a time for romance, or so the Hallmark movies go. What do we do when we’re alone during the holidays? And what about 2020 the year when there may be no gatherings because of Covid-19? We gathered three single women together who are all in different stages of their lives, homeowners, living with parents, living on their own, to talk about what single life is like during the holidays. 

For those of you who are single, we hope this helps you know that you’re not alone. For those of you who are partnered, let this grow empathy in you for what you’re single friends are experiencing.

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Show Notes:

What’s the plot of your pandemic Hallmark movie?
Jenna DeWitt and James Prescott are organizing a Boxing Day Singles Party on zoom. DM them on Twitter for the zoom link.