41: Do We Still Have a Christian Dating Problem?

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Are you single in church and wondering if you should ask someone out or waiting for someone to ask you out? The stakes feel high, but you’re looking for connection. You’re tired and wondering how and when this is going to happen.

Dallas Pastor JD Rodgers asked the question on his Instagram account, Why aren’t Christian guys asking Christian girls out? You had big thoughts about his assumptions, so we posed this question and others to two Christian men, Joel and Matt, and their insights into the experience of being a single man in a Christian community give us all something to think about. Turns out the guys in our pews are tired of the pressure and shame to do with dating too. 

Our thanks to Joel Sam and Matt for joining us today. You can follow Matt on Instagram at @mattshervheim and Joel on Instagram and Twitter @JoelTheSamurai

Show Notes:

JD Rodgers’ Instagram post
Promise Keepers
Wild at Heart
Mark Driscoll
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