135: Anna McGahan on the Stories that Shape Us, Break Us, and Make Us

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Anna McGahan is an Australian actress and storyteller who found God in the most radical of ways. Baptised into the Pentecostal tradition, she gave up everything to follow Jesus only to find that life in Pentecostalism wasn’t quite what it seemed.  In this episode we discuss:

  • meeting God and meeting the church, it’s not the same
  • finding agency in celibacy
  • losing queerness to find God
  • recovering a sense of equilibrium and self

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Show Notes:

Metanoia: A memoir of a body, born again by Anna McGahan (Buy in the US)
Immaculate by Anna McGahan
Underbelly (IMDB)
57: An Expansive Vision for Human Sexuality with Debra Hirsch

Anna McGahan is an actor, author, screenwriter, playwright and poet. Anna’s work prioritises a defiant female gaze to explore experiences of embodiment, motherhood, sexuality and spirituality. She is the author of the Vogel Prize-winning novel, Immaculate, a book of poetry about motherhood, Skin, and the memoir, Metanoia. She lives in Meanjin (Brisbane), with her two young daughters.