131: Child Trafficking is Terrible. ‘Sound of Freedom’ Misses the Point.

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While “Sound of Freedom” rakes in the profits in the US box office, there are still children in exploitative circumstances. Are search and rescue missions the most effective way of rehabilitating them? We bring you a Christian anti-trafficking expert who has seen the harmful impacts of well-intentioned evangelicals and knows that there’s a better way forward.

We talk about:

  • how this movie harms anti trafficking work
  • the trafficking of children happens primarily through exploitative and forced labor
  • how our dollars fund child slavery (hint: check your pantry)
  • evidence-based models for successful anti trafficking work 
  • organizations you can trust with your dollars 

Show Notes:
Lauren Pinkston consulting
Preemptive Love board cuts ties with founders Jeremy and Jessica Courtney (RNS)
Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives by Siddharth Kara
Slavery Footprint
Be Slavery Free
Cyntoia Brown

Organizations Lauren recommends:

The Freedom Story
Step Ahead (Thailand)
Freedom Business Alliance
Rain Collective
Polaris Project

Dr. Lauren Pinkston is a public academic, teaching through published writing, nonprofit coaching, facilitated workshops, and a newly released podcast. She holds a PhD in International Family and Community Studies from Clemson University. Previous to working in academia, Lauren lived in Southeast Asia researching the human trafficking crisis and starting businesses to employ survivors. She now consults for anti-trafficking organizations and small business startups, helping them institute trauma policies into healing-centered workplaces. Lauren is the President of Kindred Exchange, a non-profit focused on establishing more ethical missions practices and expanding jobs in the Global South. Connect with Lauren on Instagram