129: “The Secrets of Hillsong” Reveals the Many Problems with Frank Houston

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Trigger Warning: This is a conversation about Frank Houston’s three-decade history of sexually abusing children, and there are many references to the subject. Please proceed with caution if this topic is triggering for you. There are resources in the show notes about healing after trauma.

Frank Houston was a serial sexual abuser of children, but he walked off the church stage into forced retirement to the sound of a standing ovation. After his son, Brian Houston, knew about at least once incidence of molestation. We discuss this sad, enraging event and the way “The Secrets of Hillsong” brings together the different pieces of information. 

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Show Notes:

The Life of Brian (Australian Story Transcript)
Hillsong’s Brian Houston Implicated Former Police Commissioner (10 News)
People in Glass Houses: An Insider’s Story of a Life In and Out of Hillsong by Tanya Levin (US link)
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