123: Making (Grownup) Friends Is Hard To Do

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Join us for an insightful discussion with Laura Tremaine, author of The Life Council, as we explore the challenges of making and keeping friends in adulthood. From busy schedules to changes in life stage, we uncover the top reasons why building meaningful connections as grown-ups can be tough, and share practical tips to overcome them.

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Show Notes:

Dr. Marisa Franco
How to Make, and Keep, Friends in Adulthood (NY Times)
Where to make friends
32: Naming Your Unspoken Loss (on ambiguous loss)
Why is making friends as a grownup so hard? And what helps? (your comments on instagram)
The one friend everyone needs (the igniter) via Marisa Franco
The Life Council: 10 Friends Every Woman Needs by Laura Tremaine

Laura Tremaine is a writer, avid reader, and enthusiastic podcaster. She is the creator and host of the podcast “10 Things To Tell You.” She is also the author of Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First. (published February 2021), and her second book The Life Council: 10 Friends Every Woman Needs publishes April 2023. Laura lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. Follow Laura on Facebook & Instagram