118: Hope For ‘Orphaned Believers’

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This is for anyone who feels like they don’t belong in church or among white evangelicals. Journalist Sara Billups traces the question – “How did we get here?” – by looking at the impact of the culture wars and consumerism on a generation of white evangelicals. And she helps us take steps home. We talk about

  • what is an orphaned believer and how did we get here
  • the dignity of choice
  • a propehtic imagination for the future

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Show Notes:

Orphaned Believers: How a Generation of Christian Exiles Can Find Their Way Home by Sara Billups
The Bitter Scroll
108: The Big One About Abortion
All My Favorite People by Over the Rhine
The Empty Religions of Instagram by Leigh Stein (NY Times)

Sara Billups is a Seattle-based writer and cultural commentator whose work has appeared in the New York TimesChristianity Today, and more. Sara is completing her Doctor of Ministry in the Sacred Art of Writing at the Peterson Center for the Christian Imagination at Western Theological Seminary. She works to help wavering Christians remain steadfast through cultural storms and continues to hope for the flourishing of the Church amid deep political and cultural division in America.