117: What’s Next For Us (plus changes in support for same sex marriage, evangelical heresies, and our thoughts on ‘Harry & Meghan’)

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Jess and Devi are finishing 2022 out with some big announcements about what’s next for the show! Plus we also discuss:

  • changes in opinion about gay marriage
  • evangelicals’ favorite heresies and why purity culture “helps”
  • “Harry & Meghan” – is it a documentary or PR? We have a lot of thoughts

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Show Notes:

Kelly Wolfe
On Being Foundations (with Krista Tippett)
Evangelical shifts on Gay Marriage
Why I Changed My Mind About Law and Marriage, Again (David French)
The State of Theology (Ligioner Ministries)
Top 5 Heresies Among American Evangelicals (CT)
89: On Premarital Sex: Sin or Not A Sin
Narcissist or not, Meghan doesn’t deserve this Game of Thrones humiliation (Sydney Morning Herald)