116: A Woman’s Body Points To God

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Christmas is almost here, and we think it’s a perfect time to think about a woman’s body and the story it tells about who God is. If God could occupy a woman’s body for nine months before Jesus’ birth, maybe we can begin to untangle what this might mean for our lives today. Dr. Christy Bauman joins us to talk womb theology and manger theology – it’s a story about God and likely one you haven’t heard of before. 

We discuss:

  • the impact of purity culture
  • how a woman’s body points to God
  • what breasts, menstruation, wombs, and more say about the divine

Trigger warning: There is discussion of infertility and miscarriage in this conversation.

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Show Notes:
Christian Counseling Center for Sexual Health and Trauma
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Dr. Christy Bauman

Dr. Christy Bauman is committed to helping women come into their true voice. She has a podcast entitled Womaneering and she offers storywork consulting, womaneering weekends, and marriage intensives with her husband Andrew Bauman through their organization, Christian Counseling Center for Sexual Health and Trauma. Andrew and Christy host Therapy Shorts podcast for couples. She is the author and producer of her works:
t, and the award-winning Documentary: A Brave Lament. She is a psychotherapist and author who focuses on the female body, sexuality, and theology. Christy’s work can be found at, and you can connect with her on Instagram.