114: Let’s Talk About Sex (Education! And Masturbation! And Toys!)

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A sex educator is in the house, and she’s taking us back to school for the education most of us never got. Erica Smith founded the Purity Culture Dropout™️ Program to equip people like us with information and education that is “accurate, queer inclusive, trauma informed, compassionate, and comprehensive.” We discuss:

  • why sex education is more than preventing negative health outcomes
  • what happens when we pathologize all things sex related
  • all things masturbation
  • sex toys and sex shops

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Show Notes:

Eric Sprankle
The Circles of Sexuality
Labia Library
Willy Worries
Visual Vaginal Library

Erica Smith (she/her) is an award winning sexuality educator and consultant with over 20 years of experience. She has provided comprehensive sex education and advocacy to young women and LGBTQ+ youth in Philadelphia’s juvenile justice system, worked in abortion care, and supported HIV+ and transgender adolescents and their families. In 2019, she developed the Purity Culture Dropout™️ Program to help people learn all of the sex education that they missed growing up in purity culture- sex ed that is accurate, queer inclusive, trauma informed, compassionate, and comprehensive. Erica lives in Philadelphia with her partner and house full of rescue animals. Connect with Erica on Instagram