108: The Big One About Abortion

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What do you wish you could say out loud about abortion? We get into it in this huge episode. There’s a lot of yelling on both sides of the abortion conversation; we try to cut through the noise and double down on the parts of the abortion topic that Christians tend to ignore. 

  • What abortion and purity culture have to do with each other
  • Christians and abortion: What are the realities?
  • Historical, Medical, Legal, Global: What’s going on?
  • Interrogating the solutions proposed by those against abortion and for abortion

Our partners got to hear a one-hour conversation with Dr. Olamide Ayoade-Alawi who is an economist researching the research about abortion. She gets into the data with us – what reduces abortions? What happens when abortion is restricted? We promise no one gets to feel comfortable after this conversation. Join us for $3/month to hear it and other weekly episodes about sexuality, faith, and pop culture.

Show Notes:
Your thoughts on abortion (Google Doc)

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