104: Our Secular & Evangelical Cultures Do Not Understand Abuse

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Trigger Warning: This episode contains references to grooming and sexual assault. 

Purity Culture is part of the reason why our secular and religious culture’s still don’t know what to do with abuse. We are so many years out from #MeToo and #ChurchToo but current events tell us we are not learning our lessons. Today we look at the grooming in the best selling novel The Time Traveller’s Wife, recently adapted into a series for HBO, and the ongoing comeback of John Crist. We cover:

  • Jess going on maternity leave
  • The Time Traveller’s Wife HBO series (spoiler alerts!)
  • is what happens in this story grooming?
  • What does purity culture have to do with John Crist?
  • Crist’s past two years in a three act structure
  • What hope is there for alleged abusers?

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Show Notes:
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Jessica VanDer Wyngaard