100 Episodes and the Conversation That Continues

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One hundred episodes in, and we are just getting started! Jess and Devi talk about the beginnings of this show, what it means to us, and what it means to YOU. We also discuss the report about how the SBC’s Executive Committee harrassed and intimidated sexual abuse survivors and colluded to hide information about abusive pastors in the SBC.

Show Notes:

Bonus: Reflections on Christian Celebrity After I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Jess’ documentary)
Southern Baptists Refused To Act On Abuse Despite Secret List of Pastors (Christianity Today)
This Is the Southern Baptist Apocalypse (Russell Moore for Christianity Today)
History of True Love Waits
6: Sexual Prosperity & Singleness
(81) On Premarital Sex: What Are The Rules When There Are No Rules?
(83) On Premarital Sex: Re-imagining Celibacy
(85) On Premarital Sex: Abstinence After True Love Waits
(89) On Premarital Sex: Sin Or Not A Sin?

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